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OSS for the Semantic Web: Production Ready?

July 22, 2011 – tagged Linked Data, Open Source, SPARQL

This is the story of how I tried to use Semantic Web technologies, like RDF and Linked Data, to achieve a basically simple task, and of everything that prevented me successfully doing so. #### The Task The very simple task (TM) was: Given the German Wikipedia identifier of an article ...

Escaping strings in SPARQL queries

July 06, 2011 – tagged SPARQL

Resources in the RDF framework are identified by URIs, i.e. strings like When they contain special characters, some care needs to be taken, when querying, comparing, escaping etc. However, the essence of this post is that when you have a urlencoded string (i.e. one with percent signs in it), ...

Running Joseki from within Jetty

July 06, 2011 – tagged SPARQL, Howto, Ubuntu

Motivation I wanted to set up Joseki, a SPARQL endpoint written in Java, on our database server. Joseki can run standalone (with a script that comes bundled in the distribution) or in a web application server, such as Jetty. As we are already running a Jetty instance for our ...