Hi, I am Tobias Pfeiffer, a mathematician by education and software engineer by profession. I live in Tokyo with my wife and our two children and work as a Lead Engineer at Preferred Networks.


Born and raised in Berlin, I graduated with a Diplom (the German then-equivalent of a MSc) in Mathematics from Freie Universität Berlin in 2011. During my studies I worked as a student assistant first at Music Pictures Ltd., later at the university's research group for Mathematical Geometry Processing. After graduation I worked as a Web Developer and Project Manager at TESOBE for a year, then I went to Japan in 2013 as a scholarship holder of Heinz-Nixdorf-Programme and did an internship at IBM Research Tokyo. After the internship I decided to stay in Japan and joined Preferred Networks in 2014.

In 2010 I co-founded vismath, an online shop for mathematics-related goods, and used to be responsible for all IT-related tasks in the business.

I am an alumnus of the Berlin Mathematical School and the German-Japanese Young Leaders Forum.

About this Site

This website consists mainly of my blog where I (occasionally) write (mostly) about technical stuff, and the works section where I share documents/articles that I wrote and slides for talks that I gave.