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The Wave Dash in Japanese Punctuation

April 20, 2013 – tagged Japan, Howto, Typography

While trying to copy a printed vocabulary list into LibreOffice, I stumbled over a rather wide tilde character that was used as a placeholder as in ~を楽しむ which means “to enjoy something” (namely, the thing represented by the tilde). Now I had quite a hard time typing “~” using Anthy ...

How to typeset Japanese using (Xe)LaTeX

March 22, 2013 – tagged Howto, Japan

Typing Japanese on a Western keyboard is rather easy to setup, be it on Linux, Mac OS or Windows. One can usually type the Romaji version, such as “kyou”, and will obtain “きょう” if the input method is set up properly. Katakana/Kanji versions can usually be obtained by hitting the ...