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Apache core dumps on Ubuntu

August 03, 2011 – tagged Apache, Ubuntu, Howto, Debugging

...need apport installed and running, otherwise the core won't be dumped. To make the description complete: 1. Add CoreDumpDirectory /tmp/apachedumps/ to apache2.conf. 2. Create the directory and sudo chown www-data /tmp/apachedumps it. 3. sudo apt-get install apport and edit /etc/default/apport to start apport automatically. 4. Add the line `www-data - ...

Running Joseki from within Jetty

July 06, 2011 – tagged SPARQL, Howto, Ubuntu

Motivation I wanted to set up Joseki, a SPARQL endpoint written in Java, on our database server. Joseki can run standalone (with a script that comes bundled in the distribution) or in a web application server, such as Jetty. As we are already running a Jetty instance for our ...